What Is An IFD

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Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia
The "MOS"

The Head of Our Government

Among Her Many Duties As Supreme Leader Is Responsibilty For The Institutes of Feminine Discipline.

She Has Appointed Miss Amy As Her Institute of Feminine Discipline Archon
Miss Amy Then Reports Directly To Her

Miss Acacia Explains
The Institutes of Feminine Discipline

Hello I am Acacia, The Miss Overseer Supreme, also known as The MOS.

What is an Institute of Feminine Discipline (IFD)? I will glady explain and elaborate some on this

First I would say, if you are a male and unclear what an Institute of Feminine Discipline is, you are very lucky! However you would also be very wise to listen and learn. Our Women also should have a very clear idea, as they are primarily the ones who decide if their male should be sent to an Institute.

The letters simply stand for Institute of Feminine Discipline, and that is exactly what they are. An institute, a place of incarcertaion, for males with chronic behaviour problems. The closest thing akin to them from the old world would be a prison.

However, unlike the dank, dark world of a prison, Institutes of Feminine Discipline are very pleasant surroundings, usually very fine homes in the nicer neighborhoods. The pleasant environment is neccessary because Women are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking after the males. Each Institute of Feminine Discipline typically employs 3-5 Women and has at least 1 on duty at all times, usually 2. Each has her own suite in which she lives and sleeps while on duty, and each has her own office from which she works.

The males each have a very small bedroom, with no television, no magazines, little of anything. After all, they are incarcerated and are a threat to our culture and are there for a reason, to learn how to change their behaviour.

The Women at an Institute of Feminine Discipline hold a high rank in our government, that of Advanced Behaviour Therapist. These Women often come from Spanking Centres where they have shown outstanding performance and are promoted from Remedial Behaviour Therapist to Advanced, when they are hired.

Life for the males incarcertated at an Institute of Feminine Discipline is very unpleasant. They spend all their time working, get many spankings every day, depending of course on their behaviour, but are guaranteed at least two daily spankings, and they are not generally hand spankings. I advocate my Therapists to be quite strict, even with daily spankings After all these boys have to learn somehow, and normal life under the discipline of their own Overseers has not worked, or they wouldn't be there. So we need to step it up and make sure they get the message!

They have many rules to follow, (see The 10 Commandments on this site) and the women are extremely strict with enforcing them. They are humiliated, scolded, spanked, given hard chores to accomplish successfully and in general are deprived of most of life's pleasures. They are not allowed to speak, not even to each other. They speak only whan a woman addresses them. This is not a vacaton for them, it is a sentence of time - time to learn to change their ways. Only I can authorize the release of any of them, and I go by the Chief Overseer's recommendatons, and of course his behaviour history. I require that reports be filed nightly by the Therapists, on all males in every Institute of Feminine Discipline.

The hardest rule for them to follow, and the one which they whine the most about, and disobey the most, is masturbation. Simply stated, they are NOT allowed to masturbate! This is enforced in many ways. There are several methods the women can use to detect disobedince of this rule. Underpants inspections, bed sheet inpsections every morning (they have no tissues in their rooms!), and even penile inspection. Trust me, if a male wanks, the gals will find out.

I do permit those who obey this rule for a month, a group supervised masturbation session. They are allowed under the direction of the Overseer on duty, to masturbate in front of Her. However each boy must behave during these sessons also, and do as She says, or She may dismiss him and not let him have his messy squirt into a wad of tissues.

They also are allowed absolutely no alcohol or tobacco and are rarely permitted to leave the house. Sometimes a more trusted one may be sent to town on some errands.

They are allowed some recreational time, we call it 'play time', as we of course see them all as nothing but little boys anyway. So 2 or 3 times a week they are allowed to be left pretty much alone and they may go out on the grounds, get some fresh air, play some sort of boyish games, or stay in the house and play chess etc. Of course there is always a Woman nearby to make sure they are behaving, but generally I want the gals to leave them alone if they are not misbehaving, so they can have some recreational time.

My advice to the males of this country is to be on your best behaviour at all times, because your wife, girlfriend or any woman who has registred you with the Board of Corrective Women can sentence you to an Institute of Feminine Discipline. Generally she will meet or call the nearest Institute and discuss her 'problem child' and we make recommendations on whether he should be admitted, and for how long.

---Miss Acacia

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