Institute of Feminine Discipline

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Miss Amy is one of the highest respected disciplinarians in the UK.

She is one of only Seven SBTs (Miss Acacia and Her Second In Command are two of the others). Miss Amy is widely and rightfully feared by all males.

Known for her Frequent Impromptu Underpants Inspections, Rebekah is extremely strict, and loves her work!

Miss Rebekah is Also a BCW Certified Sexual Tormentress
] Recently Promoted from a Highly Reputed Spanking Centre in Wales, Miss Shay is also a BCW Certified Sexual Tormentress

Here She is Seen Warning a male To Behave While he is Granted the Privelege of Bathing Her
Miss Amy
One of Only Seven Supreme Behaviour Therapist In The Country

Grand Overseer IFD #1
Miss Rebekah
A Highly Regarded Advanced Behaviour Therapist
Currently Assigned to IFD #1
Miss Shay
The Newest ABT
To Be Assigned to IFD #1

Why Males Dread Being Sent To An IFD

These two males were the only ones to obey the No Masturbation Commandment for a full month. Such males are then allowed a "group wank", where the Overseer on Duty, allows them to look at Her and wank. They are allowed to 'squirt their goo' into tissues, when She says they may.

However She also has specific intructions for them in this 'supervised masturbation' and if they do not follow them, as these two did not, they end up with 'A Spanking Instead of a Wanking'.

They then are NOT allowed to squirt, are dismissed, and must hope for next month.



Miss Shay
One of Three Advanced Behaviour Therapist Assigned To Our Flagship IFD In Surrey.