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Males are utensils. You use them, wash them, and
put them in a drawer until you need them again
--Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia


Welcome to The Board of Corrective Women (BCW) main website

This site is intended as a backdrop of the futuristic world which exists in our member website,

The Board of Corrective Women (BCW) is a society run entirely by Women, with males in a very secondary status of servitude to Women,

Our households are of course also matriarchal, with the males main function being trying to please Women, and to be of some use to them.

We are the ruling government of the United Kingdom, and have been since our inception in 2027. Now, some 26 years later we have established a strong foothold in our country, and total control over our males.

The Board of Corrective Women (BCW) is headed by Our Miss Overseer Supreme {Known As "MOS"} (a very strict woman and avid believer in spanking naughty boys), Miss Acacia Bryson-Lovegrove. Miss Acacia is quite unique in that she is by far the youngest MOS in our history. You may read more detail about this extraordinary woman on this site.
One of our many establishments used for Feminine Control are our many Institutes of Feminine Discipline {known as IFDs} which are scattered all over the country. These are specialized houses, staffed by Our Women, where males who are problem boys, are often sent for a period of time. There will be more detail about these IFDs on this site.

As one might guess by reading the quote of of Our Supreme Leader above, males are kept on a short leash and disciplined regularly. We firmly believe that the peace and prosperity we have enjoyed for many years now, is due to the fact that males no longer are runnng free and doing whatver they want.

Women have taken over and male creatures know their places. A male does not make a move without permission and knowledge of his Chief Overseer, who is generally his wife, or in the case of single males-the woman or women whom have registered him with The Board of Corrective Women (BCW) as their property. Unclaimed males belong to the nearest Spanking Centre (SC}.

We use old fashioned corporal punishment to keep them in line, and they respond quite well to this. We recognized many years ago that males never grow up and are essentially naughty little boys who need constant Feminine Supervision and strict discipline, and that is what they all get.

Our standard means of discipline is over the knee spankings. To that end, from age 18, males are subject to spankings from any and all women, not just their Overseers. Though over our knees is the standard, for more severe punishments we also use: bending over a chair, lying on the bed, putting him on all 4s etc. And employing strappings, paddlings and of course canings.

We do not believe in spanking until a male has reached an age of reason and he can fully understand that we are in charge, and why we are in charge. So no male gets his bottom smacked until he reaches this legal age of 18. Similarly no girl admininsters spankings until she is 18.

Naturally since sex is the biggest weakness of males, it is also one of our strongest 'weapons' and is also quite effective at keeping them in line. Our feminine beauty is both reward and punishment for males, as you will see. Our feminine minds are what rule them above all.

You can read much more about all our practices, bylaws etc, on this web site.

One of the things you will find on this site, is our elaborate system of tracking males, and their disciplinary problems, as well as their punishment history.This is done via MisBehaviour Reports (known as MBRs), his general Behaviour History and Spanking Centres. All of which you may read about on this site. If a male's behaviour history is very bad, he may find himself sentenced to an Institute of Feminine Discipline (IFD), by his wife, his Overseer, or sometimes the Board itself.

Miss Amy Hunter. Chief Overseer at Our Flagship IFD in Surrey

At birth, all boys are implanted with a 'control device'. This is a harmless and totally innocuous implantation, and is likely to never be used. It is organic in nature, and grows with his brain, essentially becoming a functioning part of his brain. Its purpose is to prevent any widespread insurrection, which does seem unlikely, as our boys are very happy under our thumbs-and over our knees! All it does is freeze him in place, at the push of a button. Essentially paralyzes him, temporarily, it does not hurt at all.

Since males are usually physically stronger than we are, it was felt it might be wise to prevent any brutal attempt at taking over. Since its inception however, it has never been needed, and most of our boys know we own them, mind, body and soul and would never dream of rebelling.

It does however have a built in monitor which detects if he is getting violent, it is programmed to recognize the brain wave patterns, and will frreeze him immediately. This protects us from violence against women, and it also keeps our boys from getting in fights with each other! Again, rarely used, but needed protection, just in case.

But if it is ever needed, The Miss Overseer Supreme and Many High Ranking Women, have the power to totally freeze ALL males in place. This is done by the simple push of a button. It has never been used, except for its 3 times a year testing, and we suspect we never will have to use it. It cannot be removed. It is impossible. Again, it does no harm, does not even hurt when used, it merely make it impossible for them to move.

Note that this device has nothing to do with the "tracking system" mentioned above. In fact no typical woman has any control for this device. Only Our Miss Overseer Supreme, Her Cabinet, and various Women throughout the country whom she has designated for such, can control it. It serves only one function, to freeze males temporarily, 'paralyze' them, until She releases them. If one is auto triggered due to violence, he will remain frozen until his Overseer contacts the Board of Corrective Women and advises them of the situation.

Male creatures are all much happier now that we have recognized their need and desire for female dominance and sound spankings. They no longer have to wrestle with decisions.

They merely have to do as they are told, or they get spanked. It is a very simple system!

The Board of Corrective Women Headquarters
St. George's Hill, Surrey