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Just A Typical Class At FemDom Training Girls
Often A Student May Be Required To Review
A Lesson, By "Teaching" The Lesson Herself

Note the boy sitting there, eyes staring into space. When She is done, She will have him move the whiteboard and demonstrate what She has just taught. Sadly for him, so will ALL the girls in the glass be giving the same demonstration!

Though he would no doubt love to gaze at the young beauty so close to him, she has given him specific instruction to keep his eyes straight ahead. With a strict Instructress and a classroom full of sexy stict girls, he is not likely to disobey this instuction.

Note how she allowed him to sit so close to Her, and directly behind Her Beautiful Ass. She is learning fast!


FemDom Training for Girls is a very exensive curriculum which attempts to fully prepare them for their future lives as Women.

It consists of many facets, from general things such as "How To Spank" to some real specifics on keeping males constantly sexually frustrated, and everything in between.

The picture above in fact is taken from "Spanking Basics", one of the first classes the girls are required to take. It is a pre-requisite to many other classes. The girl in the picture, which was taken about a year ago, is named Marisa and has now graduated of course, and is officially a "Woman". She is currently employed as a Remedial Behaviour Therapist in our of our many Spanking Centres in London, and is one of the youngest Remedial Behaviour Therapist in our ranks.

In our society, until young females complete this National Service, they are referred to as Girls, and the boys in the shool address them as Miss. Yes Miss, thank You Miss. Once she completes her training and is a woman, this generally becomes Yes Ma'am, Thank You Ma'am from males, though some women still prefer Miss. As long as the male uses one title or other, he will not be in trouble for disprespect.

As one can tell from this picture, Miss Marisa is giving a lecture on the basics of spanking. The girls are often required to give lectures themselves to demonstrate to the Instructress, that they understand the subject matter. Here she has carefully written down a major point, elaborated on it to the girls in class, then moves onto the next point. This is a very good way to have lessons sink in, and is even good for the girls in the class to hear it all for a second time.