The Surrey IFD

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Located not far from our headquarters in St. George's Hill, on the outskirts of Surrey, is our 'Flagship IFD".

It was one of the first and its greatest claim to fame is its Chief Overseer, Miss Amy Hunter.

Miss Amy is renowned throughout the country for her disciplinary techniques,and is the perennial winner of  our Best Overall Disciplinarian award, which is given at the Annual IFD Awards Banquet.  Her Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline has also won Best IFD many times.

It has a superb track record of reforming males, and the women who have sent their males there have raved about the results Miss Amy and her very capable staff have attained.

Our Flagship Institute of Feminine Discipline. Miss Amy Hunter's
One of Several IFDs in Surrey-But The Most Critically Acclaimed In The Nation