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Miss Selina Rothchild
Archon of All Spanking Centres
Cabinet Member and Ranking Board Member
Fourth in Command

Miss Selina Rothchild
Ranking Cabinet Member
4th In Command

Though still young, Selina Rothchild is a very powerful Woman in our government. She is a ranking member of Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia's Cabinet and is fourth in line in the chain of command.

She is currently also serving as the "A.S.C." Archon of Spanking Centres. She is a brilliant administrator and is admired by many for her innovative management.

Currently there are 227 Spanking Centres in the country so she is kept pretty busy. The Head Overseer of each Spanking Centre reports directly to Selina and her staff of Eleven Women.

The term Archon (pronounced 'ar con) comes from Ancient Greece and means simply Presiding Officer. Miss Acacia discovered this and liked the sound of it so Selina and Amy were each given the title of Archon via MOS Decree. Amy is the IFD Archon, and Selina is the Spanking Centre Archon.


Born and raised in a wealthy family in Yorkshire, where she still resides, Selina has an impressive family line. She is a royal descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots, as well as the great grandaughter of Zoe Page, one of the most famous "Mistresses" of the early 21st century, when so called FemDom, the root of our society, began surfacing rampantly.

"Strict Mistress Zoe" was one of many women then to spank men and dominate them in general on member web sites. If you can find her website among the Internet Ancient Archives, you will find Selina looks astonishly like her Great Grandmother.


Like so many Board Members, and Spanking Centre Overseers, Institute of Feminine Discipline Overseers, Selina got her start during her Female Domination Training. She worked as an Apprentice. Between 18-20 Years of Age, Young Girls are Required to Attend a Year of Female Domination Training

Here They Learn Proper Spanking Techniques and Effective Scolding and Lecturing.

It is Common for These Young Women to Serve an Apprenticeship at a Spanking Centre, Assisting the Attendant and The Behaviour Therapistsin a Spanking Centre in Lancashire. And like so many others, she was extremely impressive.

When she graduated, she was hired as an Spanking Centre Attendant at this same centre. Coincidence had it that their current Spanking Centre Attendant was due to promotion to Remedial Behaviour Therapist  So Selina began her career of spanking naughty boys as a profession. She was a mere 19 years old at that time.
Now at a young 25 years old, Selina is the 4th most powerful Woman in our Society. Her rapid rise was not surprising, given her ambition and blood line. She was promoted to Remedial Behaviour Therapist at age 21,  Advanced Behaviour Therapist at age 22. This was when she first caught the attention of Miss Acacia who was so impressed at her rapid promotions. Acacia met with Selina several times, when it was apparent that a new Archon of Spanking Centr's was going to be needed.
Miss Acacia met with several leading canidiates for this position, but kept coming back to Selina, and was more impressed with each visit. After some due consideration, The Miss Overseer Supreme decided on Miss Selina, gave her an immediate promotion to Supreme Behaviour Therapist and assigned her as The Archon of Spanking Centres. Selina had just turned 24!

It is of great note that there are only seven women who hold the title of Supreme Behaviour Therapist in the entire country. Not all are known for classified reasons, but those who are include Miss Acacia, Acacia's 2nd in Command (who for security reasons will always remain anonymous), Miss Amy Hunter and Miss Selina Rothchild. It is a very powerful position and title, and they all wear it very well and with great dignity.