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The Entire Staff of Spanking Centre #217 In Bournemouth
(Three Remedial Behaviour Therapists and Their Spanking Centre Attendant in Pink)

Miss Leila At One Of Our Spanking Centres in Surrey
In an Unusually Quiet Time, She Enjoys the Nice Weather



Then Not Surprisingly, Some Fifteen Minutes Later
She Is Hard At Work!


Spanking men is a very time demanding endeavor. There are so many of them, and we women are ultimately responsible for all of them, directly or indirectly.

We are all aware of the Spanking Benches which the Board of Corrective Women setup years ago, and is still doing so throughout the country. These are conveniences for us, so if we are out in public with our male, and he requires immediate discipline, a Spanking Bench is generally no more than 2 blocks away. Each one has a sidewall of implements from hairbrushes, to tawses, straps and canes, and the bench is constructed at the perfect height for over the knee spanking. Men are forbidden to go near any of these benches (not that they would want to anyway!) unless accompanied by a woman.

This has afforded the convenience of even unescorted males, whom are observed by any woman to be misbehaving, to quickly get his due, as some woman, whom he does not even know, drags him by the ear to the nearest bench, to strap him for ogling women on the street as one example.

But we are all very busy women, and at times merely taking care of our own males spankings is time demanding and we cannot always afford that time.

For this reason, seven years ago, The Board of Corrective Women began purchasing real estate in the hearts of many towns, and started establishing what have come to be known as "Spanking Centres".

Most of the Centres are open 12 hours a day, with a few being 24x7. The purpose of a Spanking Centre is to relieve the women of some of the time needed for proper discipline.

Each Spanking Centre has 1-3 Women working in it. Women who have been trained by us and are Board of Corrective Women certified in discipline. They go through a rigorous three week school in which they learn proper spanking techniques and the art of scolding and lecturing. All women who work at our Centres are Trained and Board of Corrective Women Certified in Discipline.

Once certified the earn the Title of RBT, Remedial Behaviour Therapist.

In what is a rather elaborate system which involves the Board of Corrective Women Naughty Boy ID Card, (all males are registered with us by thier Overseers and must carry ID Cards), our computer network and databases, men's discipline can be reported, tracked, followed up on etc.

All men must carry with them in public, a booklet of MBR's. This is the acronym for MisBehaviour Reports, and is rather like a citation, which any Woman can issue at her whim.

She sees him misbehave, demands his and fills one out A Misbehaviour Report for him, and tells him to report to the nearest Spanking Centre. There he will present the Spanking Centre Attendant with his citation, and she will take care of the rest.

This will include of course the punishment he has been assigned. On the Misbehaviour Report the woman can state specifically what she feels he needs, ie a strapping over a chair, a hand spanking over the knee, etc etc (see an example of an Misbehaviour Report on this site), or even "Attendant's Discretion", in which case the Spanking Centre Attendant and Remedial Behaviour Therapist on duty at the centre will decide what to do with him.

After his spanking she will file a full report which is sent to the male's wife and any other women associated with him in our database, as well as a followup report sent to the woman who issued the Misbehaviour Report. This way if the reporting woman does not get a follow up, she can report it to the Board of Corrective Women who can find out WHY he did not report as he was instructed to!

It is a very effective system, and relieves us women of having to spend most of our waking hours admininstering discipline to males.

Many Centres Are Staffed By More Than One Woman
When Possible We Like To Give The Naughty Boy As Much Attenion As Possible

Most women love over the knee hand spankings. 87% of women report that their males' Daily Spankings are over her knees - usually hand spankings, typically 30-40 stinging slaps, often followed with 20 or so whacks with her small paddle or hairbrush.

One of the reasons for this is that quite simply, nothing puts a male in his place faster and better than lying pants down, over a woman's knees, getting his bare bottom slapped.

As Acacia puts it, "It represents perfectly how we perceive them, as nothing but naughty little boys"

For this reason even punishment discipline which may end up with him over a chair getting a strapping, will begin over Her Knees, with Her Hand.

One of Our Spanking Centres in East Midlands
Here A Simple Hand Spanking Is About To Begin.
Most Punishments At Our Centres Begin with
Over Her Knee Hand Spankings