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The Unheralded Heroines of Spanking Centres

The Spanking Centre Attendants (SCA)

Miss Jennessa Warrington
Spanking Centre Attendant
North Baddesly Spanking Centre #432

Known also as the Check In Miss, the S.C.A. - Spanking Centre Attendant is the first woman a bad boy encounters when reporting with his MBR - MisBehaviour Report She is basically what might be called The Receptionist. She is not one of the Spanking Women, she checks him in, prepares him for his discipline, and supervises the Waiting Room etc.
Though these women are not BCW Certified in Discipline, they are very key to the successful Centre. The Offical 'Spankers' at a Spanking Centre are Certified in Discipline by the Board of Corrective Women. Each is formally known as an "RBT" - Remedial Behaviour Therapist.

They go thru intensive training in proper spanking techniques, as well as effective scolding, as our Remedial Behaviour Therapists (the 'Spankers') are, they all know very well how to deal with naughty boys. Naturally, like all women, since they were 18 years of age, they have been spanking and scolding males of all ages, from their own fathers, to boyfriends, brothers and of course eventually husbands.

For this reason, as any male approaches her, he is filled with trepidation. The Spanking Centre Attendant does have spanking priveleges over the male - if she feels he is being sassy or uncooperative during his check in, he can count on being punished by her. Most Spanking Centre Attendants keep a paddle and hairbrush sitting on their desks so the bad boy sees them immediately. These Women also generally have a spanking stool near their desk.

Needless to say, checking in with Her can be a very frightening experience. She has already read his Misbehaviour Report on her computer which she receives the minute the Reporting Woman files it. She will discuss his misbehaviour with him, be very strict and generally lecture him on her own disapproval. Then an invasive discussion of his previous behaviour reports, his punishments etc, basically his Behaviour History, ensues and is very embarrassing.

"I see here that your wife strapped you just last week for this same indiscretion! Did you learn nothing from that? I am tempted to get her on the phone right now and discuss you with her, but she is probably very busy at work. Do you think it is ok to ogle women on the street? Tell me what you think about as you gaze at a woman...." GULP This is incredibly embarassing to him, but he knows he had best answer her.

He typically blubbers some nonsense, the usual stuff, about how beautiful women are and he cannot help it. She quickly realizes she is wasting her time.

"Very well, we shall deal with you. Undo your belt and pull your trousers and underpants down to your ankles. Then hobble over and sit in the waiting room, until you are summoned. And you are NOT to touch your penis, keep your hands at your sides at all times. I am watching every one of you out there! Remember of course also, that erections are not permitted.

At age 18 all females are required to enter FDT (Female Domination Training) National Service
This is a school which teaches young women how to supervise and discipline males properly. They learn the basics of Spanking and Scolding and Strictness

Many of these girls serve apprenticeships in Spanking Centres, watching over the naughty boys who are waiting for their spanking. If She catches you with a stiffy, you will be put over hers or my knees and hairbrushed spanked. I hope that is clear"

Such talk generally causes an erection, but such is the life of "the hapless male" She knows this and torments him with it.

"Yes Ma'am" is pretty much all any intelligent male will say at this point.

Once she has dismissed him with orders to pull his pants down, and instructs him to sit in the waiting area until summoned, he is also warned that there is to be no talking, not to any other males waiting, nor to her or her Apprentice, unless they address him. As the bad boys sit there, all they can hear is the sounds of severe spankings from the various rooms in the Centre. Needless to say, it is a very intimidating experience for them, and most pray to be summoned quickly, so they can get it over with.

The Spanking Centre Attendant priortizes in what sequence they will be summoned. If one has annoyed her, he can expect to kept at the bottom of the list for some time.

At some intervals, she also will arise and walk around the waiting room for Erection Inspection. Many Centres have assistants to the Spanking Centre Attendant, typically called "The Waiting Room Babysitter". Her sole job is to keep an eye on the boys in the waiting room. Are they touching their pee-pees? Do they have a hard on? Are they talking? It is a big help to the Spanking Centre Attendant and typically an 18 year old Apprentice serves this role as part of her Female Domination Training. (See more about FDT Service on this site)

Needless to say, it is incredibly humiliating for a middle aged male to sit with his pants down and be supervised by an 18 year old young woman. Usually when he first sits, she comes over and warns him again of the rules, and perhaps any special rules she has, and points out her own spanking stool to him. She also may ask him why he is there, and then proceed to scold him about his behaviour. Many of these Babysitters rarely leave the boys alone and will go from one to the other, cross her legs and show her stocking tops, and tell them what naughty boys they are etc. The sole purpose being to cause a hard on, and she generally succeeds. This gives her the chance to show her Spanking Centre Attendant that she is good at her job as she drags the naughty boy by the ear, to her own spanking stool and makes him yelp and cry.

The Spanking Centre Attendant also pulls up his Discipliinary Record from the Board of Corrective Women Database and studies it. This allows her to make recommendations to the Spanking Women on what should be done with him. Sometimes she allows Her Apprentice to watch this and to make any suggestions etc, it is good training for Her. Most of the Spanking Women totally trust the Spanking Centre Attendants judgement and administer the punishment she decrees. She also of course, makes her recommendations in concurrence with the Reporting Woman's wishes on the Misbehaviour Report.

They are a very powerful group, and the back bone of all our Spanking Centres, and we just want to take a moment to single them out and praise them for their unparalleled dedication to their duties.