MOS Acacia

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Miss Acacia Bryson-Lovegrove, at age 26, became the youngest Miss Overseer Supreme in the Board of Corrective Womens esteemed history.

Her rapid rise to the top of the Governing Board of Women, was due to experience, forethought and hard work.

Born into an upper class family, Miss Bryson-Lovegrove was raised in the Knightsbridge area of London. It is here that she, like most women, began observing the correct supervision of males. As all young girls whom are trained into Matriarchy, Acacia was aware from a young age, of the disciplining of her father, as well as her two older brothers-when they reached the age of 18. Acacia grew up aware of the males in her family being spanked by Mum on a regular basis and it took its natural hold on her psyche.

As is customary in households, when Acacia reached age 18, her mother gave her full disciplinary rights over the males in her family. Her father got his first bare bottom hairbrushing, over Acacia's knees, on her 18th birthday.

Since that time the hairbrush has become her favorite spanking implement, and she encourages all Women to try it. Originally rather American in nature and use, the brush's natural use for spanking has spread. As Miss Acacia puts it...

A hairbrush is generally associated with Women-it is sort of feminine in nature, it has a very 'naughty boy spanking' quality to it, and most importantly, it hurts like blue blazes!

The following morning, though her two older brothers had done nothing particularly wrong, she decided to test her authority and told them both to report to the spanking room after breakfast. They protested a bit, but a raised eyebrow from their beautiful strict sister quickly chastened them. Thus after breakfast, they both obeyed, and each got a sound hand spanking over her knees.

It is believed that this was the moment she conceived of "Daily Spankings" for males, a concept which has since become one of the fundamental Commandments of the Board of Corrective Women.

Miss Acacia's Current Home in Portnall Rise