BCW Bylaws 2

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Underpants Inspections
One of the many less than desirable habits of most men is hygeine. Unsupervised males have been known to wear the same underpants for days!

Our households are of course also matriarchal, with the males main function being trying to please Women, and to be of some use to them. This of course will not be tolerated. Underpants are also naturally a great tell tale sign of masturbation, as after men commit the forbidden act they rarely know how to clean themselves up properly and/or do not even try.

For this reason, The Board of Corrective Women strongly advocates frequent underpants inspections of your males. We do two a day at the Institutes of Feminine Discipline but Miss Acacia is hinting this number will be doubled soon.

If desired by the Woman, she may also want to inspect his penis at this time. A man who has followed the non masturbation rules will respond very quickly to the touch of your hand. If he does not 'spring one', he likely has wanked recently. You also can have him hold it out for you if you do not desire to touch it, and pull back the foreskin if he has it, so you can get a good look for dried up cum stains, something they are notoriously lax at cleaning properly.

At your own whim and convenience, summon him to you. As usual he will be nervous wondering if he is in trouble.

As Miss Rebekah of our Flagship Institute of Feminine Discipline has noted, inspections are usually best conducted from one of your spanking chairs. This not only affords a great viewing angle for you, but it also scares the heck out of him to see you sitting in it. And also as she says, you'll likely need to spank him anyway.

So once summoned, tell him to get your spanking chair. Though a spanking may not be in your mind at this time, if he gives you any back chat about fetching it, you should perhaps rethink the situation!

He will be hoping it's for inspection, but will not be sure, and this trepidation is wonderful for males.

Sit down, if you are wearing a skirt, hike it up to add to his chronic sexual frustration, and take his trousers down. At this stage he still has no idea what you have in mind and this is great. Now it is probably wise to announce that it's underpants inspection time. He may breathe a sigh of relief, but will quickly change as he remembers that inspections usually end up with a spanking anyway. (Oh well, that's his problem.)

Extend the front waistband fully and look inside at the crotch and penile area. Look for anything that is not squeaky clean. He may have cum stains, pee stains or lord knows what. Some men may not have even wanked but still will have some seminal fluid there indicating he allowed himself to get too aroused, thereby breaking Commandment #5 (Erections).

At this point, if desired, inspect his tiny pee-pee. Fondle it for a few seconds, if he does not get hard, assume he has masturbated. If he does get hard, scold him for an unauthorized hardon. Yes, that's right, he cannot win.

To complete the inspection, have him turn his back to you and inspect the back of his underpants. "Hash marks" indicate lack of hygeniene and he needs to be punished for that as well. Of course in this case you may want to send him off to clean up properly before administering a spanking!

Now that inspection is done, if he has passed, you may want to praise him and let him get back to work. If he has failed, then of course punishment is in order. What that punishment is, is up to you. We of course recommend spanking, as research has shown, despite the fact men 'sort of' like it, they also hate it and it is the most effective deterrent we know of to misbehaviour. (Watch here for future articles from Acacia on how to make spankings less sexy for him.)

Because he may have to endure several of these inspections a day, and is likely to fail most of them, we do not advocate a severe spanking when he fails. In most cases, a very sound hand spanking will fit the bill.

Watch also here for future articles on how to give effective hand spankings, from the Queen of hand spanking, Miss Amy. Many males have told us that Miss Amy spanks as hard with her hand as some women do with a paddle. She is our most masterful spanker, and even our young Miss Acacia wants to learn from her.

So that's it, Underpants Inspections. Men need them, they need them frequently and it is your responsibility as the Matriarch of the Household to see that they are conducted properly.

Higher Regarded Male Priveleges
At our Institutes of Feminine Discipline there is a ritual knows as promoting a male creature to HRM Status. This stands for Higher Regarded Male and is not easily earned.

Typically a male who has made a concerted effort to behave, has required few, if any spankings (aside from his daily spankings), might be given this privelege.

What this status entails...

  • Serving the Overseers Needs Personally
  • Allowed to stay up past normal bedtime
  • Bathing his Overseer
  • Washing the Overseers Panties and Lingerie
  • Dressing and Undressing his Overseer

Since many of these task involve what males find incredibly arousing, Higher Regarded Male Status can be a double edged sword.

We know of few males for instance, who can dress or undress a woman without misbehaving, getting hard, putting his hands where they are not allowed etc. It is a playground of temptations for him, and one he must endure, if he wishes to be allowed such priveleges.

Bathing a Woman is of course even more difficult, as here is is not only allowed to touch her, he is expected to, but he is not allowed to enjoy it!

He is serving a purpose, being a utensil as Miss Acacia so wisely puts it and he had better do it properly and with total reverence and respect.

Naturally Higher Regarded Males are subject to much more possiblity of punishment, as they are subject to so much more temptation.

While we understand these temptations and frustrations, and are generally a bit tolerant, at least at first, the male had best learn quickly or he will lose his Higher Regarded Male status and endure severe punishment for making his Overseer look wrong in appointing him.

For your household, we recommend that you allow your male such priveleges, if he has earned them. We are very busy women and can use all the help and attention males can give us. While he is dressing you for instance, you can use the time to put on your makeup, or read him his list of chores for the day. It is a time saver.

Bathing you is a luxury if you feel you want to be pampered. He will of course be beside himself that you are even allowing it. To really test and frustrate him, have him hand wash your body, ie no wash cloth, just soap up his hands and gently rub the soap on your beautiful body, and rinse you off the same way. For the most part he will be controllable, but when it comes to your breasts and bottom cheeks he will likely 'lose it'. Some males have involuntarily ejaculated during such activities. This is of course a result of the fact that we rarely let them squirt their goo, and thus any contact with you is incredibly exciting for him.

At the Institutes of Feminine Discipline, erections are forbidden during these activites and result in instant revocation of status. At home, you may be a bit more tolerant. You may not feel it is reasonable to allow your male to fondle your breasts and bottom and not get an erection, especially if he has not squirted in a week or two. But manage it wisely, let him know of your disapproval and perhaps spank him after the bath. He will want only to please you so you will continue to allow such priveleges, and will try his utmost to behave, and this is what we are after.

Handwashing your lingerie is another honor and privelege he will cherish. It is no secret that males are enamored with our underwear and many have been caught wanking in the classic panty drawer scenario we have all experienced in our lifetimes. What woman has not caught a man in her panty drawer at some point? Men like our panties! They are very naughty boys and never do grow up and get over this fascination.

For this reason, if you allow him to wash your undies, never let him do it unsupervised. We guarantee he will misbehave! Watch him closely, and of course teach him how to do it properly. Look for an erection and stop the activity if he gets one. He will soon learn to do it reverently and respectfully, or he will not do it at all.

We at the Board of Corrective Women recommend that women assign a bedtime for the males in their household. It gives us time without them in our hair, and more importantly makes them feel like the children they really are. We find 9PM to be a good time, but that is up to you. We also recommend, that occasionally you allow him to stay up past his bedtime. If he has been a good boy that is.

He will see it as a reward and motivation to behave in the future. What you do with him during that time can vary. The best thing is of course he is there to fetch snacks and what not for you, or tidy up the room a bit etc.

Miss Acacia has introduced us all to a very novel idea. She sometimes will do nothing with a male she allows to stay up late, but strip him and put him over her knees. She does not spank him, scold him, or pay any attention to him. He just lies over her knees for hours while she watches TV, reads etc. She may use his butt to set her magazine on as she thumbs thru it.

Naturally it is difficult for him to not get hard at this point, his pee-pee in constant contact with her stockinged thighs. If he does, she may reprimand him, or ignore it and let him have his hard on. As we said, she has introduced us to a concept of a small amount of compassion for what she calls "hapless males". Though very strict, she is also more understanding of their predicament than most of us have been, and may introduce a wee bit of leniency into the Board of Corrective Women.

There may be some small ray of hope on the horizon for male creatures.

We highly recommend this over the knees past time. Those of us who have tried it have discovered it to have a profound effect on the males psyche. It is a most effective way of keeping a man in his place!

Undressing a Woman Can Be An Intensely Arousing Event for Males. If You Do Allow This Higher Regarded Male Privelege, Be Sure He Fully Understands The Consequences of Misbehaviour

Typically A Spanking Is In Order, as Well as Revocation of This Privelege, For a Lengthy Period of TIme.

It is up to you to decide just how much mischief, if any to allow. It is probably unrealistic to expect your male to be allowed to undress you without some misbehaviour.

How much, if any you allow, is up to you.