BCW Bylaws

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One of The Most Effective Means of Enforcement of Our Bylaws Is Our Numerous
Spanking Centres Located Throughout The Land
Here In One of Our Centres, Located In Manchester, The Young Receptionst
Discusses with The Spankers, A Male Who is Minutes Away from Reporting
They Apparently are Somewhat Concerned by His Behaviour Record
One Must Assume That He Is In A Lot of Trouble
]  Seated Attendant Marsha to Remedial Behaviour Therapist Letitia:
Wow! This guy has been spanked 11 times in the last week for wanking!
11 times! Wouldn't you think guys would just stop masturbating? They always get caught and they always get spanked for it. I don't understand.

Letitia just smiles at Her Assistant: Sweetie, you have a lot to learn about males, and thats one of the reasons you are here! They never stop wanking.
And we never stop spanking!
Note that though the Ten Commandments were composed primarily for males incarcerated at one of our IFDs, (Institute of Feminine Discipline), it is strongly encouraged that Women enforce all of them to some degree on the males in their charge.

How a woman supervises and disciplines her males is of course entirely up to her. We offer only guidelines, tried and true methods which our research shows are very effective in having at least, 'fairly' well behaved males

Males need Feminine Supervision. This fact became more and more apparent in the early 21st century. Left to their own devices, males will invariably get into trouble of some kind. It is almost inevitable.

For this reason the Board of Corrective Women was formed in the year 2027 in an effort to bring order to the chaos which males had been producing. What started as a movement, the public outcry of women and the advocation of corporal punishment on their males, evolved into the formalized Board of Corrective Women and our country is now peaceful and quiet, under the guidance of Women.

Our Organization
The BCW membership is largely secret for obvious reasons. Only our Leader, known as The MOS (Miss Overseer Supreme), Miss Acacia Bryson-Lovegrove, and Her two Archons (Miss Amy Hunter - Institutes of Feminine Discipline Archon and Miss Selina Rothchild - Spanking Centres Archon) are public. They are the general spokeswomen for our organization. The Woman who is Second in Command, is secluded and totally unknown, except to Miss Acacia's Cabinet.. This is for security reasons.

The Headquarters for the Board of Corrective Women is in the secluded area of Surrey, known as St. George's Hill. Like all of our Institutes of Feminine Discipline, this area is masterfully guarded by invisible fail-safe electronics. Though it is possible, with some concerted effort, to sneak into the area without an electronic 'key', getting out is quite impossible.

The Board of Corrective Women meets weekly under the leadership of our Miss Overseer Supreme (MOS). The purpose of these meetings is to discuss disciplinary techniques, problems in any of the Institutes of Feminine Discipline (such as incorrigible males) and what to do about them. We also are constantly reviewing the Ten Commandments, refining them and discussing new ideas. The meetings also are of course to generally socialize and further bond our Sisterhood.

Board of Corrective Women Guidelines
For Your Matriarchal Household

As mentioned earlier, how a woman raises the males in her life is her decision. We offer, based on research and experience, guidelines for a successful relationship and happy well behaved males. We shall do so via a general elaboration and discussion of the most key aspects of The Ten Commandments, and how they might be folded into your home.

Again note the Ten Commandments are primarily meant for the Institutes of Feminine Discipline. They are a harsher, needed methodology than should be practiced at home. But they do serve as a good guideline.

Males masturbate, make no mistake about it, and yes they need to masturbate. How often you allow it is your decision. The effects of women's beauty on them is immense,and they are weakened by it. This weakness is indeed one of many reasons women rule the world.

When should he be allowed to wank? Generally we feel that he should be allowed this release once a week. possibly once every two weeks. It should be supervised and is also a good opportunity for you to use your femininity to stimulate him and remind him of his place. Let him gawk at you and play with himself like a young boy looking at a magazine. He will endure anything knowing he is going to be allowed to squirt his goo.

If he is obsessed with your beautiful bottom, let him look at it and jiggle it for him. If he is obsessed with your breasts, let him gawk at them and play with himself like a school boy. Sometimes you may even allow him to touch and fondle his favorite 'parts'. Make him realize that if he behaves and waits for permission, it is worth his while. All he wants to do is cum, and knowing you are going to eventually allow it, will make him most cooperative! He will soon learn that waiting for this permitted session is much more pleasurable than sneaking off to the bathroom by himself, especially as he knows you will find out and spank him for it, and forbid scheduled masturbation for a long period of time.

We also recommend surprise wanks, occasionally out of the blue, tell him he may wank. This unknown, of when it might happen, but that it MIGHT happen, will keep him more obedient as he will always be hoping for this special session. How often you let him, is up to you, but it does serve a good purpose. A pent up male, who thinks he may be allowed to squirt, is a well behaved male.

Some of the Board of Corrective Women advocate givng him a spanking after an allowed masturbation session, to make sure he remembers his place. Our opinions vary on this, but Miss Acacia does not recommend spanking a male after he has been allowed to squirt. In her surprising often shown compassion for 'hapless males', she feels he has earned his release and a spanking will only of course start his juices flowing again. As we all know, men find many aspects of a spanking very sexy, though they hate the spankings themselves. For this reason, she feels he should be dismissed and allowed a shower and some quiet time.

How often you allow him this pleasure is up to you. Some women never allow it, some allow it daily. Whatever your decision it is imperative that he knows he may not squirt without your permission.

For your convenience, the Board of Corrective Women offers a free placard you may wish to put up somewhere in your home. It states simply -
Remember That Wanking Rhymes With Spanking.
Contact us if you desire this placard.

Naughty boys get erections. Like masturbating, it is inevitable and part of being male. Should we as women allow these shameless displays of reactions to our flesh?

Our outer beauty, the physical, is all he is reacting to, not our inner Goddess.

The answer sadly is yes, sometimes. Unlike masturbation, erections are much harder for a man to control but this does not mean he should be allowed to 'salute' us (Miss Acacia's favorite expression for this behaviour) at any and all times.

Often it depends on why he is hard. If he has been walking behind you toting your packages at the mall and you see a bulge in his pants, it is obvious he has been staring at your lovely swaying bottom without permission, and should then be taken to the nearest Mall Spanking Station and dealt with on the spot.

If he is busy cleaning the house and following orders from you and he gets hard, perhaps this should be considered as ok. He is after all, enamored with serving and obeying you and sometimes cannot help his reaction. In a case like this, he should be scolded and questioned, and you can decide then if he should be punished.

The Board of Corrective Women, at the suggestion of Miss Acacia, is currently discussing the possiblity of a new ritual for the home (not the Institutes of Feminine Discipline) called "Erection Time", whereby we alllow him to get hard, but of course not masturbate. Let him take his pants down, and tease him, show him what he likes and tell him he may get hard, but he is NOT to touch his pee pee.

This serves many purposes, it reenforces the powerful hold your beauty has over him, reminds him of his sexual frustration, and he gets to have a nice big stiffy! Even though he is not allowed to do anything about it.

Acacia then suggests spanking him and sending him to bed.

It is devilishly evil and we thank Miss Acacia for her ever turning wheels of creativity in raising males.

In any event the males in your charge are going to get hard ons. They will moan, apologize, tell you how they cannot help it as you are so beautiful (the excuse we all hear so often) and other rubbish. Hear nothing of it, if he has broken the rules, punish him.

It's that simple.