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Yes we save the best for last.

Nothing is more satisfying to a Woman nor more effective on a naughty boy, than spanking.

The juvenile nature of being spanked, which most men have been since they were young, constantly reminds them of their place in Women's eyes.

Though it is generally believed that some women have been spanking their husbands for centuries, it did not really rise to an openness until the advent of the internet in the late 20th century.

In 1999, what has become a legendary iconic website was opened. This site as we all know, was called Its instant fame and popularity made it very obvious that males were intrigued with spankings.

As the years went by, and men became more honest with women, as women caught them wanking to such websites etc, this fact became more and more obvious to women and the regular practice of strict corporal punishment in the home was born.

Since that time it has evolved into the present day Matriarchal Society in which we live, and the formalization of discipline via the founding of the Board of Corrective Women in 2027.
Men are and have always been basically nothing but naughty little boys. They constantly get in trouble, do things that are bad for their health, have little respect for Womanhood and constantly display their need for Strict Feminine Supervision.

There is no better way to enforce this supervision, than good old fashioned spankings and scoldings.

There are basically two types of spankings, Scheduled Spankings and Punishment Spankings. Both hurt and both are quite effective in behaviour modification.

Scheduled Spankings
Though the concept of daily, scheduled spankings has been practiced by women for years, it is Miss Acacia who pushed for its formalization into Board of Corrective Women Bylaws.

"A male whose bottom is always sore is far more likely to remember to be obedient and well behaved"
----Miss Acacia

She first gave this concept an acid test after her 18th birthday. She has two older brothers and announced then, that henceforth they can count on at least two spankings a day, "just to keep you in line". They protested to Mum, but Mum liked it so much, she included Daddy into the ritual.

So twice each day, the three of them would report to the spanking room, and line up in front of the beautiful Acacia and await their spankings, over her knees.

After a week or two, Mum was astonished at the general improvement in the behaviour of all three of them, and realized they need far less punishment spankings.

The concept worked!

Most of these scheduled spankings were merely hand spankings, but they got the point across. She also at times would use a strap or paddle, just to make sure they are getting the point. They always left the room with tears flowing down their cheeks (and probably wishing they were women!)

This brings up an interesting variation in males being spanked, and how they react. Many are stoic and say nothing, many cry like little boys, hoping to stir up sympathy, many are somewhere in between, yelping, promising, and apolpgizing.

Acacia's boys were always cryers and many times in her youth she saw her father emerge from the spanking room with tears flowing down his cheeks. She felt a little sorry for him, but figured he probably deserved what he got. Mum was strict, but fair.

Punishment Spankings
Sadly, though scheduled spankings are effective behaviour modifiers, they are not the panacea we might wish for. No matter how many daily spankings a male gets, he still manages to misbehave, disobey and generally annoy his Overseer. And that is why we have Punishment Spankings.

Punishment spankings are of course more severe, more scary for him and certainly more painful. They are also less sexy by the mere fact that he is not allowed over our knees for much of the spanking. We may start him out there, but it's far better to have him bend over a chair, or kneel on the floor etc, than allow him the privelege of lying on your thighs with his pants down.

Most women begin and end a punishment spanking over her knees, as the juvenile nature of it can never be denied, but in between he gets the strap, the cane, the paddle etc in very non sexy positions.

He has dared to disobey you and he must pay dearly for this indiscretion!

What are men spanked for the most? Our polls taken by women across the country have resulted in this frequency of indiscretions, the reasons men are spanked the most, in descending order...

  1. Sexual misconduct, this includes masturbation, erections, touching her bottom or breasts etc.
  2. Peeking. As stated they are all just naughty little boys and often try to look when we are dressing or bathing.
  3. Outright disobedience. Failure to carry out some specific directive.
  4. Panty misbehaviour. As stated they never outgrow their fascination with our panty drawer. This also includes infractions when hand washing our lingerie.
  5. Leaving the house without permission. (How they ever think they can get away with this has baffled women for years)
  6. Chores, failure to do assigned chores or not doing them properly.
  7. Failing Underpants Inspection
  8. Back Chat. Sass, foul language This infraction is often also punished with mouth soaping as well as spanking
  9. Drinking without permission
  10. Not being in bed on time

Fetching Her Spanking Chair is Embarassing and Scary
For A Naughty Boy, But Of Course he Has No Say in Her Decision

A Punishment Spanking is Very Different From a Daily Spanking
He Is in Serious Trouble, and Generally Such Spankings Consist of
Leaning Over A Chair for a Very Hard Paddling, Strapping or Caning
Or Any Combination Thereof, Which She Feels He Needs