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As Intelligent and Articulate as She Is Beautiful
When The Miss Overseer Supreme (MOS) Speaks, Males Had Better Listen!

Though She Loves Hand Spanking,
The Hairbrush is Her Favorite Instrument
"It is just so feminine and representative of naughty boy spankings."
Miss Acacia Advocates the Hairbrush Be Used By Women As
Their Preferred Spanking Implement
Much to the Chagrin of Misbehaving boys

Hello, many of you know me, if nothing else, by reputation.

I am proud to be Miss Overseer Supreme of this wonderful country, and highly honored as well.

My name is Miss Acacia Bryson-Lovegrove. I expect males to always honor my station by addressing me as Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia, or Miss Acacia. For women, I wish a cordial relationship and generally we will call each other by our first names.

I am very proud of the Web Site my people are creating, the site staff is headed by one of my highest Cabinet Members, who as all Board of Corrective Women members, will remain anonymous. She is a genius at site development, and more importantly, totally in tune with the Board of Corrective Women way of life. She has 3 registered males herself, in fact she just added one recently, a very lucky boy indeed. Her primary male, as well as this just registered secondary male, are also quite adept with computers and She has them do much of the tedium.

Anyway I digress. I plan to use Our Miss Overseer Supreme Speaks as a sort of editorial page. I want to explain some of my philosophies, and open up discussions with Women everywhere - my edicts, philosophies etc. If you agree or disagree, we as Women, need to talk. I am open to all your ideas.

Soon we will have a Blog on the site, the recently 3rd registered male mentioned above is an expert at blogs, and has been instructed to set one up. This will allow us women to talk, and yes even the men may participate. Do be warned however to be respectful at all times and that many women will be reading what you write.

If I disapprove of your approach, your entry will be deleted, and you will be banished. And of course, your Overseer will be notified of your conduct.

So with all that in mind, my first article is entitled "The Achilles Heel". We Women all know the meaning of this term! Males however may not be aware of how this wonderful term relates to their Overseers, but our usage of the Achilles Heel is one of our most powerful attributes.

So I would like to elaborate a bit on it, and also note that I am making this required reading for all girls currently in their Female Domination Training. In short, it will help you ensnare your males forever. Yes they are already ensnared via their gender and DNA, but this is a weapon of extraordinary power, both for punishment and reward.

Enjoy my article. It should not need saying, but males reading it are not allowed to play with themselves, they will simply read and behave.