Miss Shay

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Advanced Behaviour Therapist
Sexual Tormentress
Miss Shay

Highly Reputed For a Very Strict No Nonsense Demeanor
Miss Shay Is a Welcome Addition To Our
Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline (IFD)

The Essence of Femininity
The Proverbial
"Kitten With A Whip"

Miss Shay Hendrix
Advanced Behaviour Therapist IFD #1

As the old saying goes,it definitely does not take a 'rocket scientist' to realize that Miss Shay is one of the more stunningly beautiful women you will ever enounter. What may be hard to believe however, is that she is even more strict than she is beautiful. In her short time at Institute of Feminine Discipline #1, the boys have quickly learned that, and do their best to avoid her wrath.

For over three years she headed the highly reputed Spanking Centre #139 located in Wales. While there, renown of her disciplinary techniques and talent was widely known.

From Miss Acacia..."I had heard about Shay even before I took Office, and one of the first things I did once I became the Miss Overseer Supreme, was regular checking on her Centre and its results. It was all very impressive and I knew she could advance as far as she wanted."

"A short while ago, it was coming to our attention that our Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline really could use a third behaviour therapist. Some of the boys there are incorrigible and though Amy and Rebekah are the best in the land, it was clear they could use another 'hand'."

"Shay was my first nomination, and though several other women were deservedly nominated, Miss Shay won the Board Vote on the first ballot"

"I called Shay and told her of our plans and invited her to come and have a chat with us about it all, if she were interested in the position. She was very excited at the opportunity."

"It took very little time for us all to realize we had made the correct choice and Shay was as excited about it as we were. We asked Amy and Rebekah their opinion and they said resoundingly, 'Absolutely! When can she start?' That sealed it and Miss Shay has now been promoted and assumed her duties at our Flagship Institute of Feminine Discipline."

"Miss Shay is also highly skilled as a Sexual Tormentress. What they specialize in is erection control, masturbation and certainly the ever present 'erections during spankings' problem we all face. Their techniques are highly classified because if they are practiced without full knowledge, they can have negative results.

With the boys at #1 being a particular problem, with constant pestering to be allowed to squirt, this was even further reason to place Shay there.

Interestingly her attitude about erections during spankings is similar to Acacia's, in fact Shay has somwhat influenced our Miss Overseer Supreme on this, Shay is pioneering a new outlook.

"They are going to happen, it's impossible to not be sexy to some degree to a naughty boy you are going to spank."

"What we do about it, or how much we tolerate, is really the key issue here. Males find getting disciplined by Women sexy. They love it and they hate it, and it has always been that way."

"We cannot stop it from happening anymore than we could if we let them fondle our bare bottoms or breasts."

"But that doesn't mean they don't learn from our spankings, paddlings, scoldings and strappings. They clearly do. Not as well as we'd like! But they do."

Acacia and The Board of Corrective Women are drafting a new policy, which informally is being referred to as "Stiffy Spankings."

What it simply states is what Shay has pioneered, they are going to happen, sometimes ignore them completely, sometimes scold him for it and give him a stiffy spanking after his regular spanking.

But no matter what we do, they are going to get them! Shay is somewhat the leader of this new perspective, one which males will probably be happier about than how the problem is genereally dealt with now.


It Didn't Take the Boys At The IFD Very Long
To Realize That The Very Strict Reputation
Which Miss Shay Has, Is Well Deserved
One Can Readily See Why Miss Shay Was #1 In Her Sexual Tormentress Class!
Many Say She Could Have Skipped The Class And Just Got Certified Automatically!