Miss Rebekah

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Advanced Behaviour Therapist
Sexual Tormentress
Miss Rebekah

Just as Strict As She Is Sexy and Pretty
The Boys are Terrifed When Summoned by Miss Rebekah

As You Have Read Here
It's Doubtful Any Woman
Enjoys Her Responsibilities
As A Professional
Disciplinarian More Than Our
Miss Rebekah Dee

Miss Rebekah Dee
Advanced Behaviour Therapist IFD #1

Dont let this beautiful face and pretty smile fool you. Miss Rebekah is as strict a disciplinarian as there is!

Rebekah came from an upper class family. She was born and raised in Chelsea and has always enjoyed the 'good life'.

With a somewhat similar history to Miss Amy, Miss Rebekah began her career while attending Female Domination Training School, as an Apprentice in Spanking Centre #178 in Maidstone, the county town of Kent, some 50km from London. Though they did not know each other till later, Rebekah and Amy worked in Centres very close to each other.

Miss Rebekah loved her time in FemDom Training School. "I don't think I ever had so much fun in my life. All these boys everywhere, not allowed to speak to us, scared to death of every one of us. It was wonderfu!"

"I loved having them as subjects come into our classes, so humiliated as we learned the proper way to spank, how to scold, how to slap their faces. The poor boys. But I think they actually kind of liked most of it. I know I sure did!"

"What was even more fun was going to their classes and helping out, Erection Control, How to Behave During a Spanking, Erections During Spankings. The boys certainly get a good taste for how the rest of their lives are going to be, as do we gals. I hated to leave!"

"I remember getting in trouble the first week. I was having so much fun with my new found power, that I would just randomly pick a boy out in the hallways, drag him by the ear to the nearest bench, and put him over my knees, He'd be hollering 'What did I do?!?' I said 'Nothing, I just feel like spanking you!"

"After a few days of this I got 'called on to the carpet by the Matriarch of Girls. She was gentle but firm with me and told me she appreciated my enthusiasm, but I am here to become a young woman and I need to learn that male discipline is a resposibility and one we all need to exercise maturely"

"So that fun stopped, but there were always plenty of real reasons to spank the boys, especially after I was assigned my three as their Overseer. Needless to say I was quite strict with them, and they all got very good grades in their classes."

Despite Rebekah's over zealous first week, she ended up graduating third overall in her class. She learned very well and quickly accepted the mature responsibility she was lectured about in her first week.

Upon graduation, it so happend that there was an opening for a Spanking Centre Attendant in nearby Sittingbourne. She applied and due to her outstanding perfomance in school, was given the job.

She has been spanking professionally ever since. Within a year she was promoted to a Behavioural Therapist in the same centre, and her success and ladder climbing continued to where she is now an Advanced Behaviour Therapist, and Certfied Sexual Tormentress, working in the highest reputed Institute of Feminine Discipline in the land.

A Typical Day at The Surrey IFD Does Involve
Plenty of Spankings. Here Rebekah is Seen
Giving a Daily Spanking to One of Her Charges
One Whom She Says is "Constantly Misbehaving and
One of The Most Frequent Visitors To My Office

Still Loving Her Work To This Day!