Miss Amy

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Miss Amy Hunter
Archon of All IFDs
Cabinet Member and Ranking Board Member
Third in Command
The Grand Overseer Of Our Flagship IFD

It's Easy To See Here Why Miss Amy's Hand is Feared as
As Much as A Paddle from Some Other Women.
She is a Superb Disciplinarian In All Aspects

Miss Amy Hunter
Institute of Feminine Discipline Archon
Ranking Cabinet Member
3rd In Command

Miss Amy Hunter
Grand Overseer IFD #1

Miss Amy is one of the most powerful Women in our governemnt and also one of the highest regarded disciplinarians. She has risen through the ranks in a most admirable fashion, beginning with serving as an Apprentice during her FemDom Training School, at a Spanking Centre in Kent.

She has risen to the point now where she is in charge of all IFDs and reports directly to The Miss Overseer Supreme. All Chief Overseers of all Institutes of Feminine Discipline report to Miss Amy.

"I knew from my first day in that Centre, that I was meant to do this as my career. My Spanking Centre Attendant and the  Remedial Behaviour Therapist were very impressed with how I handled the waiting room from my very first naughty boy. Once he sat down with his pants around his ankles, I just walked up to him and slapped his face hard and told him 'Hello I am Miss Amy the Apprentice here and you are going to do exactly as I tell you aren't you?' He just quivered a bit and managed a 'Yes Miss, Thank You Miss'. I was 'hooked' from that moment on."

Amy graduated as the #1 Student in her class, and thus was allowed, if she so desired, to choose employment as a Spanking Centre Attendant at any Spanking Centre she wanted. Because she loved the coastline of SE England, she chose to remain in Kent, where she had served her apprenticeship. This gave the existing Spanking Centre Attendant there an immediate promotion to Remedial Behaviour Therapist and everyone was happy.

Amy quickly gained notoriety for her performance as a Spanking Centre Attendant in Kent. Since Spanking Centre Attendants are allowed to treat the reporting miscreants in any fashion they see fit, Amy started each one off with a trip over her knees and 50 swats with what is now known famously thoughout the land as "The Amy Paddle".

"I can remember many of them, especially first timers, when I let them stand up asking if they could leave now. They actually thought that was the punishment they were sent there for. I would simply tell them, 'Oh you poor dear, no, that was just your check-in spanking, now stand there while I finish the paperwork and send you to the waiting room to await one of the Therapists.' I thought it was kind of funny."

Miss Amy rose fairly quickly thru the ranks. Two years after she started as the Spanking Centre Attendant in Kent, an opening for an Remedial Behaviour Therapist occured in a Surrey Spanking Centre, and she was promoted. There her notoriety rose even faster, with it being so close to Board of Corrective Women Headquarters. The Miss Overseer Supreme then, Kimberly Waverly, heard of her often and soon started paying special attention to Amy.

When the idea for Institutes of Feminine Discipline was first born in a Board of Corrective Women Meeting, Amy was one of the first to be mentioned to run the first one, which would also be in Surrey.

She has been running it ever since, and it is the highest regarded Institute of Feminine Discipline in the country, with the best record at reforming chronic male misbehaviour.

And all of this, on top of her enormous responsibilities as the Institute of Feminine Discipline Archon. She could just assume this executive postion and stop practicing, but she loves it too much!


A Very Hard Spanker With All Implements
Miss Amy is Most Notorious for Her Hand Spankings
But Also Loves Her 3 Pronged Glasgow Tawse
"It's 1/3 More Fun!"
Serious Time. It Is Safe to Say That This Is a male in Trouble!