Achilles Heel

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The Achilles' Heel

This Stunningly Beautiful Woman is Miss Acacia's Assistant, Miss Marnette.
She Is A Firm Believer In Spanking with a Very Lucky Husband Who Can Testify To That.
She Is Often Referred To As "The Backbone of The BCW" and We Would Be Lost Without Her
There Is Also Truly No More Beautiful Woman in Our Entire Organization. She is a "Traffic Stopper"

Women Truly Are Works of Art
There Is Virtually Nothing Males Can Do
About The Effects A Woman's Beauty Has On Them


Miss Acacia Overseer Supreme: The Board of Corrective Women

Male's greatest weakness is sex, period, end of statement. Since the beginning of time, they have paid for it, begged for it, cajoled for it, wooed for it, fought for it, and everything else imaginable for it. They are and always have been obsessed with Woman's Beauty.

This of course gives us Women an extremely powerful weapon. Even before we took over, history shows that males of the 20th and early 21st century pretty much "kept in line" in the hopes that She would allow him sexual release of some kind.

'Twas ever thus, and always will be.

Most males were afraid to upset their wives, because they thought she wouldn't let them have sex until they 'straightened out and apologized'. Often banished to "sleep on the sofa."

No I am not so naive to think that this was 100% the way that relationships existed, but I DO know that the essence of my statements is true.

Males will put up with just about anything to be allowed the sexual pleasure which only Women can give them. In our society, now run the way nature intended, it is 100% true, and there is nothing the males can do about it. Nothing.

Given this enormous weakness, it is up to us to use it to full advantage, and this is something which seems to come pretty naturally to Females.

Spankings are not the only way to punish a misbehaving male, ironically we can also use our beauty and male's sexual frailities to discipline a naughty boy.

This is why our Female Domination Training (FDT) Schools have Tease and Denial Class, and the most devastating of all to the guys, Sexual Torment Class. Oh yes they all make their jokes, "Torment me! PLEASE torment me", but once they experience it, they will not ask for it again.

The power of such weapons is why I do not allow the young boys in Female Domination Training school to be subjects for the Girls in these two classes. They would be vegetables for days after, unable to think clearly and masturbating constantly.

So we allow more experienced males to be the 'lucky' guinea pigs who help these young Girls develop their natural born abilities to sexually frustrate and torment males, under the watchful eyes of our trained "Torment Specialists".

So with that rather lengthy foundation laid down, I will now address the subject of this article, "The Achilles Heel"

What Is The Achilles Heel?
You may know the story of Achilles. Briefly he was a warrior in Greek mythology, a hero of The Trojan War. He was also the hero of the Greek Classic, The Iliad, written by Homer.

Later legends state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. Since he died due to a poisonous arrow shot into his heel, the term "Achilles' heel" has come to mean a person's principal weakness.

I have always believed, when it comes to sex and Woman's Beauty, that all men have an "achilles heel", a principal weakness. And that weakness is one of Woman's principal strengths.

Each male has something, usually a part of our bodies, that they are obsessed with. Once you learn his 'heel', (which may even be your heel!), it becomes the strongest and shortest leash you have, or even need.

It is the 'treat' you dangle in front of him. And it is his hope you will allow him this treat which is one of his principal motivators in being a 'good boy'.

Whenever a woman registers a male with The Board of Corrective Women, one of the questions we ask is "What is his Achilles Heel?" This is general info that is good to know and to be in his record, so that Spanking Centres can find out, any woman on the street who decides to spank him on a nearby bench, can find out via her pocket data tablet etc.

Such data has allowed us to assess male weaknesses very accurately.

In the case of the most frequent Achilles Heel I can tell you it is by far, the pretty cheeks we we sit upon. Do we all have bums like Bridgets? Chuckle. We wish! But sadly not. Hers is virtually perfect! But being women we are blessed with soft, round, silky bottoms, and can very easily ensnare our boys to our luscious cheeks. I will elaborate on the best ways to do this, in another article.

Miss Bridget Rutherford, Trained Sexual Tormentress at Spanking Centre 777 in Knightsbridge It is Quite Easy to See, Looking at Her Incredibly Beautiful Bottom, Why So Many males are Enamored With Our Pretty Backsides.

Though some males may be embarrassed to admit it, others proud to, it is Our Beautiful Bottoms that they are most obsessed with. Throughout the many years, Women's Backsides comprise generally 65%-72% of males favorite 'part' of our bodies. What they want to do is rub the cheeks, kiss the cheeks or just be allowed to gaze at them, hopefully with our permission to masturbate.

The other high runners are, in order,

  • Miss Rebekah from Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline Totally Gorgeous Breasts And the Ominous 'Punishment Book'
  • Whether he is an "Ass man", a "Breast man" etc, they all respond to ALL stimulation. They are Sexual Weaklings. Even With a View Like This, he Cannot help But Also Look At Her Thighs, the Very Same Thighs She Puts him Across When She Spanks
  • Some males Would Love To Grovel At Her Feet Others Just as Happy With Her Shoes Only!
  • So Creamy, So Silky, So Inviting A Lap of Sexiness or of Pain. She Decides males Just Say Yes Miss, Thank You Miss
  • The View Something males See Very Regularly Though It Means A Sound Spanking, They LOVE This View!

I suspect this last one comes from the typical pre-spanking ritual when we hike up our skirts. It does give him quite a view, that he still appreciates, even though he knows he will soon be getting spanked.

Basically no part of a woman's body is not listed somewhere! But those listed above comprise some 97% of male Achilles Heels.