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Experience Life In An Institute of Feminine Discipline!
Institutes of Feminine Discipline Are Under Video Surveillance
Which Means You Can See What Happens

Once a month the 'boys' are allowed to masturbate in front of one of the Women
Only the males who have followed the First Commandment all month are allowed this privelege
Generally the Woman will stimulate them with Her Beauty, as Miss Shay is doing here
As She puts it, "Letting them look is the fastest way to get this nonsense over with! It's a waste of time."

However, as can be seen from this picture, there are still rules to follow, even in these supervised sessions
Here a male has tried to touch Her Bottom. He did not succeed but did pay for trying.

Spankings also are not an unusual occurence during these sessions!
And if they misbehave too much, She will merely dismiss him and not allow him his pleasure

They May Look But They May Not Touch