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Where Boys Learn How The Rest of Their Lives Will Be

Miss Brissett, a Senior Instructress
Here She is Teaching An Opening Week Class
To The Boys. A General Overview of What
They Will Be Learning. Each of Those Points & More Is a Class in Itself. This is An Introduction

Female Domination School is required of all males. They must begin attendance within one month of their 18th birthday. It last three months and prepares them for life under the wonderful total rule of Women.

"Three months of hell" it has been described. It is a very unpleasant experience for them, but it is not torture. Yes they will be humilated immensely, get several spankings every day, have their faces slapped, be lectured on their misbehaviour and so forth.

But the underlying lesson we are teaching them, is that their lives will NOT have to be this way once they graduate, as long as they behave and always obey Women.

Their lives and training are intertwined with the Girls who are in school also. In fact each boy is assigned an Overseer from the Girls School, who like in real life, is responsible for his behaviour. Each Girl is assigned three boys to look after, and it gives the Girls a taste of real life as well.

As in real life, each girl is free to report any misbehaviour she observes, via MisBehaviour Reports. The boys Overseer will receive this as will the Matriarch of boys. The girl will punish him as She sees fit and file the followup report. There are also many benches aligning the halls of the school, and each Girl is of course free to spank any boy whom She observes being naughty, and then file the MisBehaviour Report, stating that She spanked him over Her knees with Her paddle etc.

The classes themselves are many and varied. Their overall objectives are to first, teach the boys that they are going to be getting regular spankings for the rest of their lives, and that they have no say in this matter. Spankings have been proven thru much research to be the most effective way to punish a male for disobedience. They will also learn that they are not alone in finding something quite sexy about gettng spanked by a woman. Males have been springing erections during scoldings and spankings forever, and they must learn that, though it is expected, it is not ok, and we will teach them how to maintain some control over this disgusting habit.

Two of the most major classes are in fact "Erections During Spankings" and "Erection Control". These are very frustrating, even tormenting, for the poor boys, as they are subject to incredible visual stimulation from the girls in the school, and punished for reacting to it. We realize our feminine beauty has a powerful effect on them, but they must learn how to control it to some degree. We do not expect perfection, but we do expect improvement, and we will teach them how.

Below is the basic curriculum of the boys training classes.

They are somewhat sequential, the order in which they take the classes, but sometimes due to too many students the schedules have to be shuffled somewhat.

  • Listening To Your Scoldings (males generally have problems listening to a scolding because they are scared, know they have erred and are worrying if She has decided if She is going to spank him)
  • Erection Control (yes we know you can't help it and women are sooo beautiful blah blah blah)
  • Erections During Your Spankings (a most perplexing problem Women have been dealing with for years. The Board is considering changing its stance somewhat on this situation)
  • Scoldings Akin to class #1, but this involves many actual scoldings from the instructress as well as the girls who come in to assist. The boys are quizzed after each scolding to see if they listened If they fail the quiz, they get spanked, and then scolded again)
  • Spankings (a multi faceted course that takes 5 weeks to complete. It involves how to lie over a woman's knees, how to endure the pain, what you should be doing whilst in the corner, it's ok to cry, controlling involuntary squirting. And many other subtleties of "How To Get Spanked")
  • Advanced Spankings (the more serious punishments, which involve little if any time over her knees. Stand up Paddlings, Strappings and Canings)
  • Humiliation (the final course, two weeks,designed to make a life long impact on the boy, as he heads into a world ruled by very Strict Women.)

Typical Scene In The Hallway Between Classes
An Instructress & Girl Student Notice a boy
Staring at One of The Girl's Bottoms as She Walks By

The boys Are Subject to Constant Discipline
Here An Instructress is Scolding a boy Near His Locker
Notice The Girl Student Thoroughly Enjoying It!
The Instructress Very Likely Let The Young Lady
Have a Turn at Admonishing him As Well
Scolding, After All, Is One of The Required Classes For Girls

Womanly Advice Regarding Your Spankings

  • Cooperate Completely (you are NOT going to talk Her out of it!)
  • Try to Think About Why She Is Spanking You (associate each whack with your misbehaviour)
  • Do Not Beg Her To Stop, She Will Stop When She Decides to Stop!
  • Do Not Continually Apologize (She knows the only thing you are sorry about is that you're getting a spanking)
  • If You Are A "Cry Baby", That Is Fine. Many Males Cry When They Get Spanked. But Don't Feign It, Thinking She Will Feel Sorry For You
  • If You Want To Avoid Further Trouble by Getting Erect, Do NOT look Under The Chair at Her Legs and Bottom!