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FemDom Training School Is Great Fun For The Girls
Not So Much For the boys
Here a Young Instructress is Showing Two of
Her Students, An Essay Which One of the boys Wrote...
Titled "Why males Should Be Allowed to Masturbate"
It Would Appear That They Are Not 'Buying It'

Female Domination Training

FemDom Training National Service, is an obligation which all Girls and boys must serve, and are happy to (well the girls are, the boys are not that much in love with it).

The Board of Corrective Women has five FemDom Training Schools setup around the country. These are essentially what might be called 'co-ed' schools to borrow a term from yesteryear. That is the Girls and boys are in the same school, just as they were in Comprehensive School.

What is quite different is the curriculum and goals.

The goals of FemDom Training Service for the girls are to get them used to the lifetime that is ahead of them, of supervising and disciplining males. Since there is much complexity in discipline, and the wide range of responsbility - from males she does not even know - to her own Property, Girls school lasts one year.

It is upon her graduation also, that she begins to be called a Woman, she is no longer a girl, she is a Woman, and they are understandably proud of that.

There is much for her to learn, the different methods of spanking-hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, paddling, strapping, caning plus effective scolding, dealing with 'problem boys', face slapping (a full week is spent on face slapping alone, as it must be done correctly to avoid damaging the boy). Other things they must master, all of which come pretty natural to Girls, are Teasing and Denial, Sexual Torment, and Humiliation.

There is also a course called "Making The Rules", which incorporates how she wants to run Her Household, Her boys etc, in conjunction with the 10 Commandments. Women are free to run their homes and discipline their boys as they see best, and this course guides them thru their new found authority.

This is all structured and presented in a way most beneficial in transforming young haughty and bossy girls, into Strict Dominating Women.

Because a Girl's life is much more complex, and because her gender alone allows her privelege, girls may begin FemDom training anytime between their 18th and 20th birthdays. Most like to start it quickly, as they love the whole concept, and are eager to become "Women"

Boys must report within one month of their 18th birthday.

The boys school is only three months long. After all they do not need to learn much complexity, just how to lie across a woman's knees properly, erection control, masturbation control, how to do housework properly. Their classes are all taught by Women of course, and can be quite frustrating for them. Often some Girls may be called in to assist in a class, like erection control for instance.

There is a possible second semester for a boy, depending on his grades and the Instructress's evaluation of him, as well as input from his Girl Overseer. (Each girl is assigned 3 boys for whom she is their Chief Overseer. This gets both genders used to the idea of Overseers, MisBehaviour Reports etc.)

Due to the quick rotation of boys through the school, every three months each girl gets 3 new naughty boys to look after. It is very good practice for Her.

The boys curriculum is simple, four out of each five days in the week, they are in classes, but one day each week, they must report to the girls classrooms to which they have been assigned for the day, and be the 'subjects' of that class. This way the girls get to 'do' as well as learn. The girls teasingly call them 'our guinea pigs'.

Needless to say, the boys pray when they read their assignments that it will be for Scolding Class. But alas, only a lucky few see such in their assignements, and it is generally boys with good behaviour history. Most are sent to Spanking Class, Advanced Spanking, and Face Slapping

If it is a spanking class, the boys assigned, will sit and listen to the lesson, eyes glued to the floor, and when appropriate, each of the girls will take turns spanking them, and demonstrating to the Instructress what they have learned.

Of course this is incredibly humiliating for all the boys, esp when the Instructress comes over while he is over a girls knees, and gives her detailed instructions. Perhaps shows her the most effective way to smack with her hand; asks such things as "Is he obeying you" "Did he get an erection while you scolded him?" All while he lies helplessly across her knees, wondering when it will be over.

But alas, they are just males and must get used to humiliation.

The boys, much to their disappointment, are not allowed to be subjects in Tease/Denial Class nor in Sexual Torment Class. The subjects for these classes are generally 'grown' males, brought in by the Instructress, or various women on the school staff.

The reason for this is obvious, young boys could not possibly behave during such classes and would be unable to focus on their studies for days after.

Thus males who are more experienced at sex, at denial and torment, and have a Strict Overseer who will be apprised of their behaviour during the class, are allowed to be subjects for the girls.

It is something that has been discussed often by the Board of Corrective Women, and some feel the young boys need to learn first hand, but for years, no Miss Overseer Supreme, including our current leader, has felt it would be wise.

Miss Acacia doubts the boys would be able to think about much else afterwards, for some period of time. "They would also be masturbating constantly, thus requiring much of the girls' time to punish them."

The boys are allowed to be guinea pigs in Humilation Class. This can be a harrowing experience for them, with 20 pretty girls completely subjugating and embarassing them, but many would prefer this class, to Advanced Spanking class for example!

Each Girl is Assigned 3 boys to "Look After"
She Becomes Their Overseer
Here One Such Overseer is Not Happy With Her boy's Homework


Picture sent to us by Constance, one month from her graduatlion
Imagine my surprise one day while studying in the library when some boy comes up, kneels down, and asks me humbly...May I PLEASE take your picture. You are just so pretty. Well, boys are not permitted to speak to us, but sometimes we allow it. Knowing he would only want my picture for one thing, I felt it was time to take some action.
To his surprise I was sweet and gave him permission, but then I confiscated his camera & seconds later he was lying pants down across my blue jean'd thighs.
After his spanking I had him give me his ID card and took his camera to my room. I found many pictures, most of which I am sure the girl did not give permission for!
I notified his Overseer, and got a followup report the next day.
Needless to say She punished him severely, which i saw the evidence of first hand. She made him come to me to apologize, so I gave him another spanking and dismissed him